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Google Play Music will start shutting down in September

YouTube is removing its community captions feature in September

Google tightens its ad misinformation policies ahead of the election

YouTube Kids app is now on Amazon’s Fire TV

Ninja’s return to streaming on YouTube shows he still has star power

YouTube Music now allows users to pre-save albums before they’re released

YouTube adds chapters to make video navigation easier

Overwatch League viewership doubled under its tournament format

Instagram brings commercials to IGTV to lure influencers

YouTube’s series on AI with Robert Downey Jr. is finally available

Blackmagic’s ATEM Mini brings broadcast quality to your YouTube and Twitch streams

YouTube Rewind 2019 charts put ‘Minecraft,’ PewDiePie at the top

Johnny Cash’s powerful voice narrates his life in YouTube’s ‘The Gift’

The ‘Stargate’ streaming service is closing shop and moving to YouTube

Congress plans to investigate how social media giants are fighting hate

YouTubers are unionizing, and the site has 24 days to respond

Pew: YouTube videos with kids or video games get most views

YouTube Gaming will merge with main site after Thursday

Google and Amazon end their ridiculous streaming video spat

YouTube execs reportedly shrugged off warnings about toxic videos

Disney introduces Star Wars to kids with a series of animated shorts

YouTube users are running into fake and dangerous videos, study finds

Dear tech: Stop doing business with Nazis

Eminem-produced film ‘Bodied’ hits YouTube Premium November 28th

YouTube makes it easier for non-profits to raise funds

‘Fortnite’ on Switch still holds up against Xbox One X version


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