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Nikola Motors unveils hybrid fuel-cell concept truck with 600-mile range

The Morning After: The last Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and S20 leaks

This is the production version of Tesla’s Model Y

A Vermont bill would bring emoji license plates to the US

The Morning After: Vine is back, but now it’s Byte

Tesla update leaks some upcoming changes for Model S, Model X

Department of Energy will invest $300 million in green transportation research

Cruise’s self-driving electric shuttle is made for ridesharing

LG is building its own in-car voice assistant

Tesla cars will soon talk to pedestrians

Under the mighty propellers of Hyundai’s flying taxi

Volkswagen sets new EV production target of 1.5 million by 2025

The Morning After: Revisiting the incredible ‘Mr. Robot’ finale

The Morning After: iFixit peeks inside the Mac Pro

The Morning After: Cadillac’s 38-inch in-car OLED

Waymo enters the UK with acquisition of self-driving AI startup Latent Logic

Chevy’s 2021 Tahoe and Suburban add OTA updates and big screens

Elon Musk took Tesla’s Cybertruck for a weekend drive around LA

The Morning After: One last update for Google Glass Explorer Edition

The Morning After: Sundar Pichai takes over as CEO of Google and Alphabet

Engadget readers can save on a DJI drone and Segway scooters

The Morning After: Tesla really made a low polygon count pickup truck

Bollinger’s badass EV utility trucks arrive in 2021

Tesla’s electric ATV matches well with the Cybertruck

Hyundai’s Vision T concept SUV looks like a driveable TIE Fighter

Blackstone HyperTek electric motorcycle smashes all molds


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