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Amazon invests in electric truck-maker Rivian

The Morning After: Mars Opportunity rover, R.I.P.

Audi teases its all-electric Q4 concept car

Amazon and GM may invest in Rivian’s electric pickup trucks

The Morning After: Speak & Spell’s return

Gocycle’s GX ebike is a fast-folding Brompton alternative

Koenigsegg aims to build a ‘CO2 neutral’ combustion supercar

VW may open its electric car platform to competitors

Electrify America’s high-powered EV charging stations are back online

Audi bets you’ll pay extra for the A7’s design and tech upgrades

Electrify America shuts down most of its high-powered EV chargers

GMC’s next Sierra HD pickup can see through trailers

The Morning After: Larger Hadron Collider and return of RAZR

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept EV makes a delayed Auto Show debut

GM will make Cadillac its ‘lead’ electric vehicle brand

Cadillac drops teaser pics of its first electric vehicle

Ford’s 2020 Explorer Hybrid adds range without losing storage capacity

Toposens drew inspiration from bats for its low-cost sensors

Cruising around on Riptide’s $999 R1X electric skateboard

Kia AI tailors vehicle interiors to passengers’ emotions

Tesla slashes EV prices by $2,000 to offset reduced tax credits

The Morning After: ‘Stranger Things’ S3 release date

Tech isn’t coming to save us

The Morning After: ‘Black Mirror: Baldersnatch’

The Morning After: ‘Doom’ meets Roomba

Faraday Future had the worst year possible for an EV startup


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