Get Paid To Play Video Games


Facebook’s latest AI experiment helps you pick what to wear

Lamborghini’s crazy looking hybrid is more interesting under the hood

Even BMW’s ‘Vantablack’ X6 gets caught by LiDAR

Volkswagen teases the ID.3’s larger EV sibling

Daimler and Geely back Volocopter to help launch its flying taxi service

Harvard scientists have found a better way to 3D print organs

Lotus’ EV supercar hints at the automaker’s future

Arecibo Observatory nets $19 million grant to search for dangerous asteroids

Apple will reportedly start online sales in India

The Air Force’s secret space plane sets a new record: 718 days in orbit

A new coating could be the key to lighter lithium metal batteries

Google and Mozilla to block web surveillance in Kazakhstan

MIT experts find a way to reduce video stream buffering on busy WiFi

Facebook told staff but not users about single sign-on risks, says court filing

Facebook pivots privacy failings into pop-up cafes

Google’s ‘Assignments’ tool flags plagiarism and missing sources

UN: Misuse of land and agriculture is driving climate change

Facial recognition will catch sleepy taxi drivers in Russia

Facebook’s Workplace redesign looks nothing like Slack 

Amazon’s Ring wants to collect information from 911 calls

Huawei phone sales increased by over 20 percent despite sanctions

Elon Musk’s Boring Co. raises $120 million in outside funding

LightSail 2 is now surfing on sunlight

Starbucks plans nationwide delivery in the US with Uber Eats

Study finds changes in Cuban diplomats’ brains, but no sign of attack

Elon Musk promises longer, curved tunnel for future Hyperloop contests


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