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The Morning After: Android Auto’s first full redesign in five years

Israel is the first to respond to a cyberattack with immediate force

AMC accidentally exposed data on 1.6 million subscribers

Alphabet’s smart neighborhood could have shape-shifting ‘superblocks’

AI-analyzed tweets could help Europe track floods

Wirecutter’s best deals: Save $50 on an Apple Watch Series 3

US charges Julian Assange with conspiracy to commit computer hacking

Man pleads guilty to hijacking Apple IDs of rappers and sports stars

A Russian drone hunts other drones with a shotgun

DHS issues warning about Medtronic implantable defibrillator flaws

Apple’s latest iPhone ad promises privacy matters

Nest reminds owners to secure their cameras after creepy scares

US reportedly investigates Huawei for allegedly stealing trade secrets

FTC issues warning about a Netflix phishing scam

Amazon blames technical error for exposing customer information

The UK refuses to give up on a Mark Zuckerberg privacy hearing

Apple CEO calls on ‘Bloomberg’ to retract China surveillance report

Sony tries using blockchain tech for next-gen DRM

How Intel’s first Chief Security Officer is reshaping the chip giant

Pentagon data breach compromises up to 30,000 workers

Facebook will never be completely secure

Anonymous deals with its QAnon branding problem

Reviewing election cybersecurity in this week’s primary states

Samsung patches multiple SmartThings Hub security flaws

Mandatory keys cut successful phishing attacks on Google to zero

Microsoft detected Russian phishing attacks on three 2018 campaigns


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