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Facebook sweep deletes some fake Trump supporters and COVID conspiracies

Big tech antitrust hearing with Apple and Google rescheduled to July 29th

Twitch restores Donald Trump’s account after a two-week suspension

Facebook says it doesn’t ‘benefit from hate’ after advertiser exodus

Twitch has suspended Donald Trump’s account

Members of Congress push to ban federal use of face recognition

Senate bill aims to boost accountability for Section 230 without gutting it

Microsoft reportedly tried to sell facial recognition tech to the DEA

DoJ’s Section 230 proposal seeks more (and less) moderation online

EU wants Facebook, Twitter to report monthly on fight against fake news

Senators push FCC to take action on Trump’s social media order

Senators ask FTC to investigate Instacart over ‘tip baiting’

Judges toss lawsuit alleging anti-conservative bias on social media

Huawei CFO is one crucial step closer to being extradited to the US

FCC ordered to provide IP addresses tied to fake net neutrality comments

Researchers: Facebook’s ad transparency tools are ‘easy to evade’

Google fully explains why its apps aren’t on new Huawei phones

Huawei accuses US Justice Department of ‘political persecution’

It doesn’t matter if China hacked Equifax

Attorney general thinks US should buy controlling stake in Nokia, Ericsson

Brazilian judge dismisses hacking charges against journalist Glenn Greenwald

EU votes in favor of choosing a common charging cable standard

Joe Biden says Facebook spreads ‘falsehoods they know to be false’

Six ways to ‘win’ at CES

India’s Supreme Court rules Kashmir internet shutdown is illegal

TikTok report says China didn’t request user info in the first half of 2019


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