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Joe Biden says Facebook spreads ‘falsehoods they know to be false’

Six ways to ‘win’ at CES

India’s Supreme Court rules Kashmir internet shutdown is illegal

TikTok report says China didn’t request user info in the first half of 2019

Judge strikes down NYC law limiting Uber and Lyft driver cruising time

Facebook bans hundreds of misleading accounts that targeted US users

Hitting the Books: How police tech reinforces America’s racial segregation

The Morning After: SpaceX blew the top off of a Starship

Netflix tweaks ‘Devil Next Door’ documentary after Polish PM complains

Recommended Reading: How memes became political weapons

Sen. Schumer proposes a $454 billion electric vehicle trade-up program

Google’s 2020 transparency reports will include enterprise data requests

San Francisco may open a new office to prevent ‘reckless’ tech rollouts

Juul hires former tobacco exec as CEO and ceases all US marketing

Anti-extremism group run by social media giants becomes independent

India effectively bans e-cigarettes

NYU report lists likely social media disinformation tactics for 2020

Amazon and Google continue to list gun accessories despite ban

Chinese video-game censorship doesn’t end with ‘Devotion’

Study finds changes in Cuban diplomats’ brains, but no sign of attack

Lawyers almost made ‘click to accept TOS’ boxes disappear forever

Florida governor says Russians accessed voter databases in 2016

San Francisco bans city use of facial recognition

Facebook reportedly invites federal oversight of its privacy practices

Warrantless searches of Americans’ data spiked 28 percent in 2018

France launches government chat app after fixing last-minute flaw


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