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The first major ‘Battlefield V’ update arrives December 4th

Microsoft rumor points to a Chromium replacement for Edge

The Morning After: Microsoft’s Chromed-out browser?

Luxury resort bans gadgets at swimming pool to create guest ‘haven’

The best new early Black Friday 2018 deals

Microsoft briefly tested ads in the Windows 10 mail app

A weekend with the new MacBook Air

Apple will stop reporting how many iPhones, iPads and Macs it sells

‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ purchases now include earlier add-ons

How Intel’s first Chief Security Officer is reshaping the chip giant

Google speakers don’t stand out, and that’s a good thing

Send us your holiday shopping questions!

Google’s Chrome OS tablet leaks in vivid detail

Tile’s new Bluetooth trackers come with replaceable batteries

LG unveils one of the cheapest 4K HDR monitors yet

Meet ‘Minecraft: Dungeons,’ an adventure game with online co-op

This is what Telltale’s ‘Stranger Things’ game might have looked like

Windows 10 Preview highlights its ‘silent’ storage assistant

A date with my Tinder data

In ‘Fortnite’ Monopoly, Tilted Towers is the new Boardwalk

The US government comes for Google, Facebook, and Twitter

What to expect at IFA 2018

‘Devil May Cry 5’ hands-on: Fantastically familiar

Ask Engadget: Where can I find tech deals for students?

AMD’s Radeon Pro WX 8200 is for content creators on a budget

Samsung is building a high-speed 4TB SSD for everyone


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