Get Paid To Play Video Games


Microsoft Word can now transcribe your conversations on the web

Windows 95 turned 25 today

At 25, Internet Explorer’s legacy has never been more relevant

Scientists rename genes because Microsoft Excel reads them as dates

Why Trump views TikTok as a threat

The Surface Pro X will soon help you pretend to pay attention to calls

National COVID-19 exposure server could alert people across states

Microsoft reportedly plans Xbox Series X upgrades for xCloud next year

Microsoft reportedly tried to sell facial recognition tech to the DEA

The BBC’s Beeb voice assistant is ready for testing on PC

Microsoft cuts dozens of staff as it shifts to AI for MSN news stories

Sony exec touts PS5 exclusive games while Xbox pushes ‘choice, value’

Microsoft flexed its cloud and AI muscles at Build 2020

Windows 10 is adding a slew of accessibility upgrades in May

Special Olympics virtual event will have athletes compete in ‘Forza 7’

How Microsoft plans to make life easier for Windows developers

Microsoft’s Cloud for Healthcare is an elaborate suite of telehealth tools

Microsoft and Mojang Studios have sold 200 million copies of ‘Minecraft’

Surface Go 2 review: Microsoft’s tiny PC is only a tiny bit better

Microsoft will fix Surface Laptop 3 ‘hairline fractures’ for free

‘Scorn’ for Xbox Series X is like an H.R. Giger painting come to life

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X gameplay event was just the beginning

‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ arrives this holiday on Xbox Series X and PS5

Microsoft says COVID-19 had ‘minimal’ impact on its business

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator won’t require a super-powerful PC rig

Microsoft 365 is now available worldwide


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