Get Paid To Play Video Games


Scientists create contact lenses that zoom on command

Mars crew could 3D-print skin and bones for injuries

Electric toothbrush maker Quip gets into pay-as-you-go dental care

Livongo’s smartwatch tie-in is made for managing chronic conditions

Michael Kors’ updated Sofie smartwatch is now available for $325

DHS issues warning about Medtronic implantable defibrillator flaws

Amazon’s joint healthcare organization is called ‘Haven’

‘Battlefield V’ didn’t sell as well as EA hoped it would

Don’t trust all of those health articles you see in your Facebook feed

Scientists clone gene-edited monkey for circadian disorder research

Spryng is tech-laced compression wear for speeding up workout recover

Self-powered electric bandages could speed up healing

Swedish regulator says contraceptive app works as advertised

Ask Engadget: Where can I find tech deals for students?

Scientists develop the world’s first 3D color X-rays

Cell-sized ‘microlasers’ could regulate brain activity

A French hospital is using VR as a drug-free pain solution

AI outperforms human doctors in spotting skin cancer

IBM built a handheld counterfeit goods detector

‘Brain pacemaker’ could help stroke patients recover quicker

Handheld skin printer could help heal burn victims

Nokia is selling its Health business back to the former owner

Ask Engadget: What are the best apps and tools for the blind?

This funky helmet makes brain-scanning more comfortable

Harvard researchers make better, smarter walking aids

Cyberdyne’s therapeutic cyborg legs arrive in the US


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