Get Paid To Play Video Games


For a ‘free speech social network,’ Parler isn’t that free

Advertisers are running from Facebook. What’s next?

Mercedes halts its car subscription service after lackluster demand

Twitter apologizes for lack of accessibility in voice notes

Google’s racial equity push includes $175 million for Black businesses

Instagram will review how harassment and verification rules affect Black users

House wants four ‘big tech’ CEOs to testify in competition probe

Study finds security holes in online voting for New Jersey and West Virginia (updated)

Zuckerberg says he will ‘review’ policies after employee backlash

Microsoft cuts dozens of staff as it shifts to AI for MSN news stories

‘Sign in with Apple’ flaw let attackers take over accounts

Facebook’s own research warned its algorithms exploit ‘divisiveness’

Google’s work from home strategy includes a $1,000 allowance

Yes, the Patriot Act amendment to track us online is real

Windows 10 is adding a slew of accessibility upgrades in May

Disney shuts down Club Penguin clone plagued by racism and ‘e-sex’

Amazon won’t commit to Jeff Bezos testimony over misuse of seller data

Postmates makes curbside pickup easier for stores

Alphabet’s balloon-powered Loon internet comes to Mozambique

SpaceX Crew Dragon simulator shows what it’s like to dock with the ISS

EU says websites can’t hide content behind ‘cookie walls’

Google Authenticator for Android can finally move accounts between devices

Australia exposed data for over 774,000 migrants

Kickstarter may cut up to 45 percent of its workforce

Why Facebook redesigned

Samsung no longer syncs keyboard data between phones


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