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Instagram will down-rank posts debunked by fact checkers

Instagram cracks down on coronavirus AR effects

Facebook will shut down its MSQRD selfie app

‘OurMine’ group briefly hijacked Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram accounts

Instagram takes its first steps into becoming an AR changing room

Facebook reaches settlement with company selling fake Instagram likes

Instagram reminders make sure you don’t forget the latest fashion drops

Hilarious Facebook and Instagram filters turn you into a WWE superstar

NYU report lists likely social media disinformation tactics for 2020

Instagram tests ‘Threads’ app with automatic updates for close friends

Instagram is testing new Boomerang modes and Layouts in Stories

Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature lets you keep Stories private

Facebook debuts Lasso, a TikTok-style video app aimed at teens

Instagram may let you ask questions in Stories

Instagram Lite quietly goes live on Google Play

Instagram explains how it pieces together the feed we love to hate


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