Get Paid To Play Video Games


Pew: YouTube videos with kids or video games get most views

‘Code with Google’ helps bring coding into the classroom

Google suspends trend alerts in New Zealand after naming murder suspect

YouTuber known for ‘shitty robots’ turns Tesla Model 3 into pickup truck

Chrome can display websites in dark mode, if you want it to

Google shares its Street View air-quality data with scientists

Sex, lies, and surveillance: Something’s wrong with the war on sex trafficking

What to expect at E3 2019

Google stats show how much a recovery number prevents phishing

Google recalls some Titan security keys after finding Bluetooth vulnerability

This week in tech history: Google unveils the first consumer Chromebooks

With Android Q, Google is pushing for more elegant, standardized gestures

There’s a Thanos-themed Easter egg hiding in Google Search

Google launches Duo group video calling in ‘select regions’

Google and Amazon end their ridiculous streaming video spat

The EU has officially passed its controversial copyright law

Sidewalk Labs is under pressure to explain its smart city dream

Google surprises Android TV owners with unwanted advertisements

YouTube execs reportedly shrugged off warnings about toxic videos

Google admits that Android Things are only smart speakers and displays

Google Fiber to shut down in Louisville after ongoing service issues

Nest reminds owners to secure their cameras after creepy scares

Chromebook to Android instant tethering expands beyond Google devices

Apple restores Google’s internal iOS apps

How sex censorship killed the internet we love

Logan Paul hit new lows in 2018, but it doesn’t seem to matter


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