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‘Apex Legends’ Iron Crown event goes live with solo mode

The Morning After: What to expect from the next-gen Xbox

The Morning After: Huawei unveils its Android backup plan

Ninja already has a million subscribers on Mixer

What’s on TV this week: ‘Wu Assassins’

The Morning After: Google Assistant can read out your WhatsApp replies for you

SNK promises ‘next gen’ Neo Geo hardware to follow its Mini console

Chinese video-game censorship doesn’t end with ‘Devotion’

Remedy’s latest trailer for ‘Control’ digs into the supernatural shooter’s story

What’s on TV this week: ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Nintendo Switch sales continue to thrive

The Morning After: Sony’s crowdfunding plans for a wearable ‘air conditioner’

Watch this ‘Heartman’ cutscene to learn more about ‘Death Stranding’

Facebook’s Instant Games are leaving Messenger

What’s on TV this week: ‘Another Life’

Microsoft will turn an Xbox Live sub into Game Pass Ultimate for $1

The Morning After: NASA’s struggle to keep its Voyager probes working in space

Nintendo Switch Online adds a ‘rewind’ button to NES games next week

Nintendo’s Switch Lite is a $200 handheld-only console

Apple re-released its decade-old iOS ‘Texas Hold’em’ game

The Morning After: Amazon Prime Day strike plans

The Morning After: Aircraft lands itself for the first time

The Morning After: AMD’s pre-release Radeon RX 5700 price drop

Chinese publisher loses license over game that mocked President Xi Jinping

The Morning After: ‘Stranger Things 3’ and its low-fi tech

What’s on TV: ‘Super Mario Maker 2,’ ‘Into the Spider-Verse’


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