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‘Fortnite’ is adding bots to give new players a fighting chance

‘Stranger Things’ x ‘Fortnite’ crossover adds a couple of skins

Epic acquires social video app Houseparty

‘Fortnite’ lets you fight Thanos with Avengers weapons

‘Fortnite’ rune event asks for help from every player

Weezer made an island in ‘Fortnite’ to promote its new album

Fortnite’s response to ‘Apex Legends’ is lava and pirates

‘Fortnite’ players can get the next Battle Pass for free

‘Infinity Blade’ will live on inside ‘Fortnite’

‘Fortnite’ season seven adds planes, custom weapons and lots of ice

Sony finally gives into ‘Fortnite’ PS4 cross-play demands

In ‘Fortnite’ Monopoly, Tilted Towers is the new Boardwalk

What You Need to Know About Fortnite Save the World

‘Fortnite’ streamer Ninja is the first to 10 million Twitch followers

‘Fortnite’ video contest asks gamers to make their own superhero movie

‘Fortnite’ gets a four-player Playground practice mode

Ohio university offers the first ‘Fortnite’ eSports scholarship

Epic is shuttering ‘Paragon’ following success of ‘Fortnite’


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