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Facebook will demote spammy scraper website links in the News Feed

Facebook tests tracking Location History via Instagram

Facebook tests Snapchat-like map for Nearby Friends

Facebook will never be completely secure

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Instagram is reportedly developing a dedicated shopping app

Facebook finally stops surfacing opioid-related posts

Open source hasn’t made tech more open

Facebook wants to help small businesses protect your privacy

Facebook admits it was late on fake news

Polls are here for Facebook Messenger Stories

Oculus brings Boggle to VR because… why not?

Mark Zuckerberg’s EU testimony will be streamed live

Facebook and Qualcomm are bringing super-fast WiFi to cities

Facebook’s ‘Sauron alert’ protects staff against privacy breaches

Suicide, violence, and going underground: FOSTA’s body count

Facebook explains how it will comply with the EU’s GDPR

Instagram tests its counterpart to Snapchat’s friend codes

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Catan VR gets closer to the real thing than any app

Standalone Oculus Go headset could debut at Facebook’s F8 event

Tech giants like Google and Alibaba are working to save endangered species

Facebook adds video chat to its lightweight Messenger app

Facebook teaches you how to keep your data private

Facebook adds livestream features to old videos

Rayman Legends comes to Wii U February 26, Feb. 28 in Europe, March 1 in UK


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