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Facebook sweep deletes some fake Trump supporters and COVID conspiracies

Big tech CEOs release opening statements before antitrust hearing

Rep. Matt Gaetz says Mark Zuckerberg lied to Congress … in 2018

After Math: Quick, throw some money at it

Big tech antitrust hearing with Apple and Google rescheduled to July 29th

Disney said to have ‘dramatically’ cut ad spending on Facebook amid boycott

Instagram’s TikTok competitor could launch in the U.S. very soon

Facebook will debunk coronavirus rumors in its COVID-19 info center

Facebook is killing Lasso, its first TikTok clone

UK’s competition regulator demands tougher action on Google and Facebook

Facebook is shutting down its Pinterest-like experimental app

Microsoft’s Mixer streamers have a decision to make

Facebook announces the winner of its Deepfake Detection Challenge

Facebook experiments with adding Face ID to Messenger inbox

Facebook paid for a tool to hack its own user, then handed it to the FBI

Facebook issues new recommendations for discussing racism in groups

Zuckerberg says he will ‘review’ policies after employee backlash

Facebook’s Manage Activity tool helps clean up your social media history

Facebook’s new Venue app is an interactive hub for live events

Facebook’s latest experiment is a collaborative music video creation app

Facebook’s own research warned its algorithms exploit ‘divisiveness’

You can launch Facebook’s Zoom rival from your Instagram inbox

Facebook’s new shopping AI knows what exactly you’re looking for

How Instagram’s anti-vaxxers fuel coronavirus conspiracy theories

Facebook’s small business tools include a new Messenger inbox

Instagram Lite vanishes ahead of a redesign


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