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Google Assistant’s redesigned feed is rolling out on iOS

Google is rolling out a redesigned Podcasts app to some Android users

Google yanks March security update for AT&T Pixel 4

‘Dota Underlords’ leaves early access with battle pass in tow

WhatsApp ends support for Windows Phone and older versions of Android

Samsung may name its next flagship the Galaxy S20 because 2020

Netflix quietly tests variable playback speed in Android app

‘Mario Kart Tour’ mobile racing is now available on Android and iOS

24 hours with Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro: Incredible cameras, gloomy future

Watch the ‘Android’ Nokia phone that never had a chance to exist

Vivaldi’s browser for power users comes to Android

North Focals add tighter Android notification integration

‘Minecraft Earth’ beta is available on Android — in five cities

Duolingo helps history nerds learn Latin

Google pulls 85 Android apps with particularly obnoxious adware

Android users in Europe will get to pick their default search provider

Google’s Android Auto update makes launching and using apps safer

ActionDash 3.0’s new ‘Focus’ mode keeps Android users on task

Now there’s a dedicated Steam Chat app for Android and iOS

Android Auto redesign helps you focus on the road

Leaked Moto Z4 pics show it’s keeping the headphone jack and Moto Mods

Google surprises Android TV owners with unwanted advertisements

Sony fixes bug that prevented Kodi installs on its TVs

Polestar wants you to buy and unlock your car with your phone

Google admits that Android Things are only smart speakers and displays

Android apps will update while you’re using them


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