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The man who made Conker – Rare’s most adult game

Oliver twins announce Dizzy Returns Kickstarter two decades after the last original Dizzy game

Tiny Invaders dev Hogrocket closes down

Oliver twins defend Dizzy Returns £350k Kickstarter

Wii U sells 400,000 units in first week [Update]

Zelda’s Hyrule Historia gets limited edition and a trailer

Now Playing: November 26 – December 1, 2012

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth starts over on consoles with Nicalis

NintendoWare Weekly: Aero Porter, Pac-Man

Wii Mini is too mini for an SD card slot

Just save on Just Dance 4, other exercise games today

Lovefilm arrives on Wii in the UK, coming to Wii U ‘shortly’

The Speed Gamers return with another 72-hour marathon for charity

NintendoWare Weekly: Scribblenauts Unlimited, tons more

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney gets a Japanese launch trailer

Scribblenauts Unlimited review

UK chart: Wii U games miss top 10 as Call of Duty retains crown

Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion review

3DS game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate out in March 2013

Chasing Aurora review

Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad prototype was two Wii Remotes taped to a monitor

Rayman Legends UK release date announced

Nintendo blocking 18+ rated Wii U eShop content at certain times

Why the Wii U’s eShop won’t be Wiiware all over again

Halo franchise up to 50M sold worldwide, next entry in the works

Double Fine throws a Kinect Party in this trailer

Platinum and KojiPro on partnership: ‘We’d love to do it again’

Irrational’s Ken Levine on the faith of BioShock Infinite and evolving Elizabeth


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