Get Paid To Play Video Games


‘Below’ arrives on PS4 on April 7th with an easier exploration mode

Lyft will deliver food and medical supplies during the coronavirus crisis

Instagram cracks down on coronavirus AR effects

Nintendo offers a rare discount on select Mario games

Best Buy discounts the entry MacBook Air to its best price yet

Indie horror classic ‘Amnesia’ is getting a sequel called ‘Rebirth’

Scientists create bendable concrete that could better withstand earthquakes

Google makes Hangouts Meet features free in the wake of coronavirus

Renault’s ‘transformer’ EV concept can stretch to take on extra batteries

Facebook sues analytics firm that stole user data through third-party apps

The Hot Wheels RC Cybertruck is a mini Tesla for $400

Wirecutter’s best deals: Anker’s Nebula Mars II Pro projector drops to $460

Nissan hopes people will pay $699 a month to swap cars on demand

Spotify’s trailer redesign makes it easier to find new podcasts

RCS messaging comes to Windows 10’s Your Phone app

Motorola Razr review: A fashion statement, not a flagship

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on: Razr who?

New music label says it can use AI to find the next big artist

Apple may be testing Macs with AMD processors

US opens investigation into Google amid Sonos patent suit

LG pulls out of Mobile World Congress over coronavirus concerns

Samsung updates the almost five-year-old Gear S2 to improve battery life

Wizards of the Coast teams with ex-BioWare devs on a sci-fi RPG

Sega Europe is moving to recycled packaging for PC games

UPS will use Arrival’s electric trucks in the US and Europe

I am my own spy: A personal surveillance story


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