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NASA finally found evidence of the universe’s earliest molecule

Genesis unveils Mint concept EV for urban fashionistas

ASUS’ gamer-friendly ZenBook S13 is now available

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp hit by second outage within a month

The Morning After: Disney’s streaming service will cost $6.99

Disney will ‘likely’ offer a discounted Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu bundle

Google has more Pixel tablets, laptops on the way

Tesla may outfit Model S and X with longer-range motors

TikTok’s next idea: To find new K-pop and J-pop stars

Twitter is testing new labels for conversation threads

The Powerbeats Pro are Beats’ first true wireless earbuds

YouTube execs reportedly shrugged off warnings about toxic videos

Man pleads guilty to hijacking Apple IDs of rappers and sports stars

ESPN’s college esports show debuts tonight at 9 PM ET

Amazon will let companies create Alexa apps for their employees

Lyft hopes free banking and cheap repairs will lure drivers away from Uber

Final Fantasy XV’s last DLC hurrah is out today

Razer says software, not hardware, is holding back mobile gaming

NASA, ESA will study how artificial gravity can keep astronauts healthy

Microsoft revived and killed Clippy in a single day

What to expect from Apple’s streaming video event

The iPad Air seems boring, but I want one anyway

NASA’s latest cubesat candidates include a solar sail test

Kia and Amazon team up to make charging EVs at home easier

The Android Q beta is here with a focus on privacy

‘Every Thing Every Time’ builds poetry from the smart city


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