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BioWare promises to fix ‘Anthem’ after dismal launch

Apple backs news literacy programs in US and Italy

Tesla drops mid-range Model 3 battery option

Shrimp-inspired robot claw could punch through rock

EA debuts eSports studio with Madden NFL 19 Challenge

Samsung’s Notebook 9 goes on sale March 17th

IKEA will officially reveal its first Sonos-powered speakers next month

Watch Tesla unveil its Model Y crossover at 11 PM ET

Periscope details plan to cut down on spam and fake activity

Apple Music is on Amazon Fire TV

The Morning After: LG’s prototype Keurig for ice cream

HTC resurfaces with info on Android Pie for U11, U11+ and U12+

The Morning After: Apple is ready to unveil its streaming video service

Facebook sues two Ukranians over data-stealing browser add-ons

Tesla decides to keep more stores open and raise prices instead

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the nicest office you’ll never sit in

Apple’s rumored AR headset might require an iPhone

Airbnb is buying last-minute hotel app HotelTonight

Disney’s streaming service will include its entire movie library

Nintendo Switch revisited: Two years makes a big difference

Corsair’s K83 media keyboard is great… when it works

Second-generation Glass Enterprise Edition will use USB-C

Meizu says its port-free Zero phone was a failed marketing stunt

Audi’s E-Tron line gets a bit more crowded with the Q4 crossover concept

Mercedes’ Concept EQV can transport 8 passengers with its 249 mile range

Moto G7 joins Google Fi’s phone lineup


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