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The Morning After: Visa and Mastercard leave Facebook’s Libra Association

The follow-up to ‘Band of Brothers’ is coming to Apple TV+

The Morning After: OnePlus unveils the 7T Pro

PC sales are growing despite processor shortages

Musk: Powerpacks are coming to northern California Superchargers

Chrome will use AI to describe images for blind and low-vision users

BMW plans to debut a 1 Series electric hatchback in 2021

Instagram updates bring dark mode to iOS 13 and Android 10

Sonos is launching a speaker rental service

Instagram takes its first steps into becoming an AR changing room

The Morning After: Are dual-screen devices better than foldables?

Samsung Pay now offers international money transfers to US users

Huawei’s Mate 30 loses workaround for installing Google apps

Pioneer’s DDJ-XP2 brings 16 pads per deck to Serato DJ Pro

iOS 13.1 review: A necessary update after a rough start

‘Apex Legends’ Season 3 comes with the game’s first new map

Soyuz 61 leaves a ghostly trail as it tracks toward the ISS

The BBC and Netflix team up for new David Attenborough nature documentary

Ubisoft put an official video game design course inside a video game

What’s on TV this week: ‘The Good Place’

What do you want to know about Samsung’s updated Galaxy Fold?

24 hours with Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro: Incredible cameras, gloomy future

The Morning After: Taking a look inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple’s new iPhones can better manage your battery as it ages

iFixit’s iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown investigates charging rumors

A dentist made a game in MS Paint and it’s terrifying


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