Get Paid To Play Video Games


Samsung made a hand washing app for Galaxy Watch owners

The Morning After: Sega’s tiny Game Gear Micro appears

The psychology behind why people think 5G makes them sick

AI breathes new life into a classic ‘80s synth

Lawsuit claims Trump’s social media order violates free speech rights

What’s on TV this week: ‘Jaws’ 4K, Bruce Lee and ‘The Outer Worlds’

The Morning After: Alexa’s new ‘Drop In’ intercom system

Pinterest’s new Lens feature lets you find products based on your photos

Pandora introduces customizable Pride and Black Music Month stations

Italy’s ‘Immuni’ COVID-19 contact tracing app uses Google, Apple tech

Sling TV president replaced as subscriber numbers continue to drop

China’s giant radio telescope will start searching for aliens in September

FuboTV’s sports-centric app comes to the Xbox One

Modified Cessna is the ‘largest’ electric aircraft to take flight

The first Atari VCS units should be ready by mid-June

Amazon sellers use ‘collectible’ label to dodge price gouging rules

The Morning After: Why would anyone buy a $350 ‘anti-5G’ USB stick?

SpaceX’s historic launch succeeds on its second attempt

OnePlus and McLaren have ended their phone partnership

Best Buy is selling the Lenovo Smart Clock for half of its launch price

On Russian terraforming: The race to reshape our planet’s future

UK’s biggest solar plant gets the official go-ahead

HBO Max is a mess — but it’s still a smart bet on HBO’s future

Sony exec touts PS5 exclusive games while Xbox pushes ‘choice, value’

Podcast: Why do people think 5G makes them sick?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite review: Just a really good Android tablet


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