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GameSir T1s Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller Gamepad for Android/Windows/VR/TV Box/PS3

GameSir T1s is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0/2.4Ghz/wired connection.and working great with Android smartphone / tablet / smart TV / TV box / Windows(PC) XP/7/8/10 / PlayStation 3 / Samsung Gear VR.

Easy to Contect:
Android Devices:Press A+HOME
Window PC:Press X+HOME

More games play:
1.GameSir World App Download on the Google Play.
2.Thousands of Retro games can be found and download on “Happy Chick” Emulators ,you can scan the QR Code in User Manual to install it.

Working Platforms: Android/Windows PC/PS3
Working Modes: Android standard/Mouse Simulation/X-input/D-input
Connection: Connection: Bluetooth 4.0/2.4GHz/Wired USB
BatteryCapacity: 600mAh
Battery Life: 18 Hours

Package Includes:
1 x Gamepad
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

1.GameSir is a registered trademark, which has been filed at Amazon. Any unauthorized sales activity will be considered as a violation of intellectual property rights.
2.We has already passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification,and strictly implements to the whole process of design,R&D,production,quality.The products are in accordance with ROHS, CE, FCC ,MIC certification standards.

$ 35.99


  1. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best controller for Android, bar none, January 14, 2018

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: GameSir T1s Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller Gamepad for Android/Windows/VR/TV Box/PS3 (Toy)
    I have both this and the moga pro, and this is hands down wayyy better. Maybe it’s because I prefer the Playstation format controller, but primarily it’s because this thing actually works, and has 1 great feature the moga pro doesn’t.

    First, the controller feels great in your hands, a little bulkier than a Ps3 or ps4 controller, but not much. The analog sticks feel good, they do have a flat spot so they’re not just rounded nubs like the ps4 ones, but they work well. The R3 and L3 buttons work fine. The dpad is great, nice individual feel of each direction button – not like one of those spoon dpads that are mushy and imprecise – but not quite as perfect as a ps controller. The main buttons have a fantastic feature – they not only light up, but you can controller how bright the intensity is! This is freaking fantastic, again, with the only downside it being the ABXY instead of the proper â¬?â­?â??️ð??¼ lol. The other major thing going for it over the moga pro is the turbo function. This is great because instead of messing with the settings of xpadder or ds4windows on PC or the emulator controller config settings for turbo (plus the fact that most Android games don’t even have a turbo function), this would probably make it a winner by itself. The rumble vibration works with games that support it, and again the rumble is adjustable (so nice!). The R2 and L2 triggers feel smooth and travel well, & really the only downside to the controller is the R1 and L1 bumpers. They feel very “mushy” and not very precise. No click to them at all.

    The other great thing about it, is like the moga pro it has a built in phone holder that folds up to grab your phone. I was hoping for something really big so that I could still get some use put of my old nexus 7, but the max this will take is something around 6 inches (heh). My Pixel 2 XL in a case fits fine, but my Nexus 6p would just barely fit in a thin case like a spigen. It didn’t fit in my otterbox.

    Along with the built in phone holder, this actually WORKS with most emulators and a lot of Android gsmes – more than the moga pro that’s for sure. Plus there’s no A->B confusing switch or setting or app, just turn it on, sync it with your phone or tablet, config and go. Works great with Shadowgun, Dead Trigger, and any of the other Android games (FPS, racing, etc) I’ve thrown at it. Plus, it’s as easy as it should be to config with a major emulator for any system (nes, genesis, snes, ps1, n64, etc). Works perfect with those. Also, if you connect it to your Ps3 or ps4 with a micro USB cable, you can sync it and use it as an additional wireless controller for that too! I don’t use my consoles much anymore, but the feature is nice. I use it primarily for my phone and tablet emulator gsmes, and sometimes for android play store games.

    Not sure if I’m forgetting anything, but fact is this is THE controller to get if you really like to use your phone for games. It’s built well, functions great, has an extremely well done button layout and performance, and the thing just freakin WORKS. I put it in a private wish list and got it on sale, if you’re not in a major rush to get it, but even at full price honestly it’s worth it.

  2. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    It was noticeable enough that I didn’t feel like I could play 1st-person games as effectively, January 13, 2018

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: GameSir T1s Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller Gamepad for Android/Windows/VR/TV Box/PS3 (Toy)
    The T1S works OK, but flawed and I’m returning it. In testing I found the joysticks don’t seem to be sensitive enough diagonally – you can’t get them to register as 100% up and 100% left, for example. In cases where you can’t recalibrate the input (e.g. on a PS3), you’re basically at a permanent disadvantage when trying to look/move diagonally. It was noticeable enough that I didn’t feel like I could play 1st-person games as effectively.

    Attached images show what I mean. (Note that Linux detects the T1S as an XBox 360 controller – which is fine.) I can get a standard PS3 controller and a Logitech Dual Pad USB controller to register the maximum upper-left value (-32767,-32767); the GameSir T1S can’t get all the way there.

    I also felt like there was a little bit of input lag when playing wirelessly on the PS3, but I couldn’t really measure that like I could with the diagonal joystick issue.

  3. Amazon Customer says
    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Doesnt switch between wireless 2.4ghz and bluetooth properly, January 14, 2018
    Amazon Customer (Pflugerville, TX) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Well I bought the Gamesir G4s today and tried to set it up. In theory its a nice controller. In actuality, it is super flaky. There are three modes: wireless, Bluetooth A, and Bluetooth B. To switch between then you press X + Home to activate wireless, A + home to activate Bluetooth A, and B + Home to Activate Bluetooth B. The home button flashes the color that represents whatever mode it is “supposed” to be in. Blue for Wireless, Green for Wireless A, and Orange for Wireless B.

    I inserted the dongle in the firetv and activated wireless mode (X + home). The controller finds the dongle and I can navigate. Great! I powered the controller off.

    Switch on the Steam Link and put the controller into Bluetooth B by selecting B+ Home. I get the flashing Orange home button. The steamlink finds the controller. I have a few issues with it not connecting but it finally does. Im seeing issues where pressing left analog over once and the cursor moves twice to the left (same issue with right) sporadically.

    Poweroff the controller and switch back to the FIretv. Power on the controller using X + home and the controller gives a solid blue light and a rumble saying its connected. Great right? No. The firetv cant be controlled. Perplexed, I switch back to the steam link and the controller is connected via bluetooth. But that cant be right as I have activated the wireless mode, not bluetooth.

    Power off the controller again. Try different modes and they all default to bluetooth. I cannot get wireless to be selected or work at all. It seems once the controller is paired via bluetooth, that is the only mode it wants to use.

    Also, when unplugging it from charging it becomes unresponsive. None of the buttons work and I cant get it to come on. I plug it back in and it doesnt show its charging. It is dead. I have to use the reset button on the controller.


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